2015 Michigan Veterans Foundation, Gold Star Award(December-2015)

This honor was given to us because of continued service in support and efforts towards the amazing Veterans of all branches of the military. These are the men that put it all on the line throughout the years for our liberties.

2015 Detroit Public Schools/Communication & Media Arts, Inspiration Award(November-2015)

This was presented to us for continued support through programs and verbal mentoring efforts to the students within the city of Detroit and the CMA population.

2015 NAACP 95th Annual Freedom Fund, Honorary Organization Chair(October-2015)

This esteem honor was bestowed on the foundation because of the continued flood of successful programs and initiatives that have made monumental impacts on so many lives.

2015 Reaching Higher Foundation, Award for Leadership Services (October-2015)

This was presented to us on behalf of continued service through leadership efforts in providing being a motivational factor in pushing the multiple youth of this magnificent program to be exceptional.

2014 Golden Key Honour Society, Honorary Induction (November-2014)

This award was presented to us for continuous service to multiple communities and affecting positive change through programs.

2014 Oakland Press/Oakland Schools, Excellence In Education (April-2014)

The Excellence in Education award was presented to the foundation because of the innovative educational programs that were created and administered to the children of Pontiac through these efforts. We made the Class of 2014 list.

2012 Delta Fortitude Foundation: Outstanding Service Award(June-2012)

The Service Award was presented for Outstanding Service rendered to the community for the promotion of Scholastic Excellence & the promotion of community service through countless events and programs.

2011 Delta Fortitude Foundation: Award for Exceptional Contribution(June-2011)

The Exceptional Contribution Award was presented on behalf of the countless years of philanthropic support to the Foundation over the years in provision of the numerous scholarships provided on behalf of The Clarence E. Phillips Ascend Foundation.