We are committed to serving and empowering the youth achieve academically and artistically through our scholarship program.

Business Spotlight

The Ascend Foundation is committed to recognizing local Businesses that councel and assist in developing the youth as well as serve our community.

Lets Build The FUTURE

The future of our youth is an investment in the growth of OUR community. It is through this philosophy that we have brought together a program that is geared to help shpae the vision and diretion of our young adults of tomorrwo. Through the collaboration of mulitple: Colleges, Universities, Trade Schools, Speciality Schools, Armed Forces, Public Safety, Fraternal Organizations as well Fininacial Aid Planners. We REWRITE HISTORY EVERY YEAR!!! Join US!!!

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Hunger is NOT COOL, especially during the holidays. In an effort to combat this epidemic, The Ascend Foundation delivered over 2000 care packages in Michigan


We've created interactive hands on workshops with profesionals with emphasis on developing our youth's ability to prepare and excel in an interview